Creamy Hard-Boiled Yolk Dressing

Here’s a really creamy, very easy-to-make dressing, that can go on salads, meats or your veggies.

•1/4 cup of olive oil
•2tbsp of vinegar
•2 hard-boiled yolks
•Sea salt
•Garlic powder

1. In a boil, add your olive oil, 2 tbsp of vinegar, and your hard boiled yolks.
2. With a whisk, whisk your ingredients together. You’ll see immediately that the yolks with start to breakdown.
3. Add a bit of garlic powder and dill.
4. Add sea salt to taste and whisk again, making sure to get all your seasoning nicely blended in and whatever clumps of yolk you may not have gotten.
5. At this point, you can pop it into your fridge or you can immediately drizzle it all over you meal.




Creamy Hard-Boiled Yolk Dressing

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