Pork Chop Sandwich

Yesterday, I found myself craving a sandwich. I had seasoned up some boneless  pork loin chops earlier in the day for dinner, but I still wanted a sandwich. So, I decided to make a pork chop sandwich. I had planned on making cloud bread, but ended up making keto pancakes. I added some seasonings(garlic powder and dill) for  more savory pancakes. By the time I was done whipping this up, the end result was a delicious sandwich that I will be making again (I actually have every intention on making this for lunch today).


•Boneless pork loin chop
•Slice of smoked gouda or cheese of your choice
•1tbsp (or more) kerrygold butter

For pancakes:
•1oz of cream cheese
•2 eggs
•Garlic powder

1.Season up your pork chop and set aside.
2.Heat up your skillet and melt 1tbsp or more of kerrygold butter (you can also use bacon fat, lard etc).
3.Once your skillet it hot and the butter is melted, add your pork chop.
4. While your waiting for your pork chop, get your pancake mix ready. Add your cream cheese, eggs and seasonings to a blender and blend that up until smooth and there are no chunks of cream cheese.
5. Heat up another skillet (I like using small skillets for these pankcakes), add a bit of butter and once that’s heated up, pour half the batter.
6. At this point, you can turn over your pork chop and let the other side cook. Also, feel free to now add your cheese so it can melt nicely on top of the chop.
7. Back to your pancake. Flip it and let the other side cook. This shouldn’t take very long. Once done remove your pancake, add a bit more butter if you need to and pour the rest of your batter.
8. Your pork chop should be done or almost done by this point, and the cheese should be nice and melted. Remove and place on top of the first pancake. Finish cooking up your other pancake and place that on top. Cut your sandwich in half and enjoy!!



Now I know it may seem like a lot of prepping and cooking, but this was actually quick and simple to make. While your pork chop is cooking up, get those pancakes going. They cook up pretty fast, so make sure you check on them to make sure they don’t burn (just like you would regular pancakes). Also, feel free to add some butter to your pancakes once done. I added a bit to both pancakes before turning it all into a sandwich, and it was delicious. Hope you all enjoy!!!


Pork Chop Sandwich

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