Snack Find at Trader Joes

Let me just start by saying that I LOVE TRADER JOES. I can never walk out of that place disappointed. I will wait on the long lines that have been out the store at their 72nd st location just to get in, and then wait on their long lines to check out, happily (btw, their lines move pretty fast). Whenever I go there, I always find something new and yummy. This time it was their Crispy Brocolli Florets. Now I know some of you may be reading this and thinking “hey, they’ve had those for a while now.”,but for me, this was my first time laying eyes on this yummy snack. I grabbed two because I’ve yet to grab a snack from TJ’s that I didn’t like, and I’m happy I did. They are exactly what the bag says…crispy brocolli florets. But, they also have the perfect amount of salt on them that makes them even tastier. It’s not an overwhelming amount and you can easily find yourself eating the whole bag, at least I know I did. Overall, these were really good. And they only have 12g of carbs total for the whole bag (5g net carbs),7g of protein and 18g of fat.wp-1461692398107.jpg

Snack Find at Trader Joes

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