Avocado-Meat Bowl

So by now, I’m pretty sure you can tell we love avocado(I’m still thinking about Heather’s Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Fried Avocado. That looks delicious!). Like I mentioned in a previous post, there are so many ways to enjoy avocado. I decided this time, I’d use it as a bowl.

I had a few pieces of boneless pork ribs that I didn’t get to make from the night before and I needed to find a way to split that between two people(mostly so I could avoid having to make two separate meals). Now, I’ve made baked avocado-egg bowls before, along with several other avocado bowls, so I went with what I know, sliced up the already seasoned rib meat, fried it up in butter, cut an avocado in half and went ahead with putting together my avocado-meat bowl. It was delicious, filling and very easy to make(15min). Perfect for a quick lunch or even dinner.


  • Avocado
  • Boneless pork ribs(you can use whatever meat you like. Just make sure you always get fattier cuts of meat)
  • Butter


  • 1oz of cream cheese or neufchatel cheese

1tbsp of garlic and herb kerrygold butter(feel free to use plain kerrygold butter and add your own seasonings)


  1. Heat up your skillet. Add your butter,lard, coconut oil or whatever it is you like to use. I personally love cooking my meats up in butter or bacon-fat.
  2. Slice up the pork ribs or whatever meat you are using, into chunks. Season up your meat if it isn’t already seasoned.
  3. At this point, your skillet should be nice and hot. Add the meat and let that fry up.
  4. Get your avocado ready. Slice it in half and scoop it out the skin(or keep it in if that’s what your prefer).
  5. Check on your meat. Make sure you are turning it over so its browning on all sides. Since its cut up into small chunks, it should cook up pretty fast.
  6. Once your meat is cooked to your liking, remove it and start putting your bowl together. Place the chunks into the avocado. Of course you’ll have plenty of meat falling over, which is just fine. Add as much meat as you want.
  7. At this point you can dig in or you can add to it. I personally love whipping up cream cheese(1oz) and garlic/herb kerrygold butter. Put both in a bowl together and whip it up with a simple handheld mixer or whisk. You can do this while your meat is frying up. Its so yummy and it adds even more fats to your meal. This is my go-to when I want a fatty topping and something like sour cream just wont do.20160424_131634

This is something I plan on making often. If anyone has any other meats or veggies they like putting in their avocado bowls, please comment and let us know. I’d love to try your ideas as well.



Avocado-Meat Bowl

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