Onions Rings Stuffed with Avocado

In the last post I made, I mentioned having another recipe for the other half of that avocado. So here it is…onion rings stuffed with avocado. The first time I saw this recipe, I was scrolling through facebook and a video popped up that caught my attention. I thought to myself “onion rings and avocados together? That’s got to be yummy!”. So of course, I watched the entire video and immediately started trying to figure out how I could make this recipe keto/paleo-friendly. I realized right away that it was pretty simple…just use almond flour instead of regular all-purpose flour. I also realized that I could use crushed chicharonnes which I will be trying next time I make these(which will be very soon), and I will keep you all updated on how that turns out. They were pretty easy to make and go great as an appetizer or side dish with your favorite burger.


  • 1/2 haas avocado
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 1tsp (or more)lemon juice
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/4 cup almond flour
  • Optional-red pepper to taste(make it as mild or spicy as you like)



  1. Slice up your onion and and separate the rings. Keep the outer rings. You can chop up the smaller rings and toss it into your avocado.
  2. Mash up your avocado and add your lemon juice. At this point, feel free to make guacamole if you have all the ingredients on hand. I unfortunately didn’t, but I will definitely make guacamole next time I make these.20160420_190059-1
  3. Once you got your rings laid out and your avocado all mashed up, stuff the rings with about a spoonful of avocado. 20160420_190645
  4. Once they’ve been stuffed, its time to freeze them. This is important especially of you don’t want the avocado falling out the onion ring. Freeze them for about 30min to an hr(I froze mine for 30min and while they weren’t completely frozen, the avocado wasn’t falling out the onion ring.)
  5. Once out the freezer, its time to bread them. Whisk up your large egg in a bowl and set that aside and measure out 1/4cup of almond flour in set that up in a separate bowl.(Side note- season up your almond flour. Add spices, parmesan cheese etc. Get creative. I personally added a bit of thyme to mine, but will add more spices next time).20160420_195737-1
  6. Now, before we start breading them up, get your skillet ready(you can also bake them). Pour in your olive oil(what I used), bacon fat, lard, coconut oil,butter..whatever you like using and let that start heating up while you’re breading your onion rings so you can immediately drop them in.
  7. Once that’s done, start breading. Dip your onion rings in the egg wash first and then the almond flour. Drop them in your hot skillet as you go along.
  8. Once they are all frying up, make sure to keep an eye on them. Once you see that one side of golden brown, flip them over and let that cook until the other side is golden brown as well. once they are completely cooked , take them out and set them on a paper towel.
  9. Serve them on a plate with whatever dips or sauces you like(always remember to make sure you are using your own homemade sauces or dips, or at least making sure that you are getting sugar-free sauces or full fat dips and checking the carbs and ingredients). I served mine up with a bun-less burger topped with cream cheese and jalapeno. I also fried up the leftover onion rings to top off my burger. 20160420_202517

These were a hit in my home. My husband, who can be very picky, really enjoyed these. I plan on making them again, but this time I’ll try making them using chicharonnes and see how that turns out. Like I mentioned before, I will you all updated on how that turns out. Til then, try these out and I hope you all enjoy!!

Onions Rings Stuffed with Avocado

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