Locally Sourced Lunch


There was a showing for my house today, so I headed next door to my good friend Jen’s house for a gossip sesh. She had just come back from the local butcher shop who has grassfed & pasture raised everything from their own farm. They have homemade sausages and cheeses, etc. Well this certainly piqued my interest because I’m always paying premium prices at the local grocery store for grassfed beef.

I decided to go to their location at the nearby indoor/outdoor marketplace. I grabbed my reusable shopping bags (plastic bags are the devil!) and headed out.

For less than $35, I got:
* Homemade spicy Mexican chorizo links (2)
* Homemade mild Italian sausage in bulk (a little over a pound)
* Pasture-raised pork loin center cut chops (3)
* Grassfed marrow bones (for bone broth)
* Grassfed sirloin steak (a big one I can cut up)
* Grassfed ground chuck (a little over 4 lbs)


Then I walked over to the Amish grocer and perused their cheese section. Some people don’t eat dairy with the Ketogenic or Paleo lifestyle, but I do. (I’m French, I need my cheese and wine!). There I purchased some blueberry cheddar, Mediterranean Sunset cheese (sounds romantic!), cheese curds, trail bologna, and fresh Canadian bacon.


An Ohio specialty?

I saw two things at the Amish grocer that must be Ohio specialties (correct me if I’m wrong please!) and I was *this close* to buying them to try them out. But then I figured I would try them out another time, when I hadn’t just bought a ton of meats at the butcher. One is called Pork Scrapple (the heck is that?!) and one is called Braunschweiger (I literally cannot even pronounce that!). Can anyone tell me WHAT they are and HOW to eat them?


What am I supposed to do with this?

When I got home, I decided to cook myself a small late lunch. This was another day where I didn’t eat anything because I was too busy (shame me, I know better). I took a suggestion from fellow blogger Summer, and I dusted some cheese curds with coconut “flour” and fried them. I used coconut oil because, hey, the tastes should blend nicely. And I also took some of the bulk Italian sausage and formed a small 2 oz patty. I cooked that, as well.


Cheese curds in coconut “flour.” These would make a good side dish, appetizer, or snack.

I’m so happy I discovered a place where I can get relatively inexpensive beef, bison, pork, and chicken that is pasture raised, free-range, and locally sourced. Now I need to find a vegetable co-op, and I’ll be the happiest girl in Northeastern Ohio! I urge you to do some research and find local farms, co-ops, and farmer’s markets so that you can enjoy healthier, more nutritious options!


Mild Italian sausage patty


Locally Sourced Lunch

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