Eating At Restaurants

This is one of the biggest challenges with the ketogenic diet for me. So many menu items contain added sugar. Additionally, they usually use cheap vegetable oils rather than higher quality avocado oil or olive oil. This makes restaurants tricky. I usually try to stop at Whole Foods for their salad bar because they often have low-carb dressings available (avocado dressing, balsamic).  If I can’t find a Whole Foods, I occasionally do a burrito bowl at Chipotle with meat, cheese, sour cream, hot salsa, lettuce, and guac.  

Today I am at a hospital all day, so I have to eat hospital food at the cafeteria. For lunch, I had a pre-package S salad which contained 15 carbs (most of my day!) and ceaser dressing with 1 carb and 50g of fat. For dinner, I chose the steak fajita bowl with just meat, and I added cheese and sour cream from the salad bar. This will likely set my macros much higher in protein than I would like for the day, which means I won’t lose. However, it will keep me in ketosis until I return home and can cook healthier meals. 

Sometimes you have to do what you can in a pinch. Avoiding restaurants whenever possible is the best approach! 


Eating At Restaurants

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